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Consolidation Loans

Put simply, consolidation involves paying off your existing debts with one single loan, leaving you with one monthly repayment. Our loans could help.

If you’ve got balances on credit cards, unsecured loans, store cards, overdrafts or even a secured loan, you will be making a number of different payments normally at different times of the month at a number of different rates – a consolidation loan could help you consolidate your debts into one manageable monthly repayment.

A debt consolidation loan offers a number of different features:

  • Discounted, Variable and Fixed products
  • New rates from as low as 3.3%
  • Terms between 3 and 30 years
  • Loan advances between £3,000 and £500,000
  • Flexible repayment options

Rebuild Your Credit Rating

A debt consolidation loan will help you take control of your finances – allowing you to reduce your monthly outgoings and rebuild your credit rating. Our expert advisers will help you review your credit profile, short and long term goals and talk you through all available options.

Take Control Of Your Finances

Our experts will help you go through your finance options and what best suits your circumstance.

A typical household has over £13,500 of unsecured debit – lenders will generally charge around 3% monthly of an outstanding balance meaning that on top of your mortgage payment you could be paying over £400 on a number of different accounts – such as store cards, online mail order accounts and credit cards.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

In December 2017 we helped Mrs Goode consolidate over £15,000 worth of high interest credit cards and loans – before we spoke to Mrs Goode she had 6 different payments going out of her bank account every month on top of her mortgage payment – after reviewing and discussing all the options available we helped our client reduce her monthly outgoings from £320 to £168 giving her a monthly saving of £152.

I would like to say the service I received was excellent.

Everything was explained to my understanding. Extremely helpful and friendly staff and the whole process was smooth with no complications .

I would definitely recommend the service to anyone.

Thank you James and all the staff involved.

Mrs Goode
Bognor Regis – December 2017

Great service from Paul ensuring all paperwork was completed and dealt with efficiently

I would definitely recommend the service to anyone.

October 2019

The team guided us through a complicated process making it stress free, and now we are much better off.

Mark Armstrong
October 2019

Borrowed a little bit for my kitchen and reduced my out goings at the same time just In time for Christmas perfect experience

David Goldsmith
November 2019

I received a very professional and great service from this company. The progress of my application was surprisingly smooth and quick. Staff were professional, extremely polite and helpful and patiently answered all of my questions. They went the extra mile to make sure I am clear about the service they provide and how I can benefit from it, which helped me to confidently make my decision.

I believe their customer centricity, politeness, professionalism and extremely helpful advises should be recognised.
Also, I must admit that the success of my application has made me more confident in my life, created purposive financial plans, helped me a lot with better financial planning for my future and now feel that I am on a productive path towards clearing my debts much sooner.

I certainly recommend this company to everyone hoping that they also start benefiting from this great service. This was certainly a right choice for me.

Emad Rajabalipour
November 2019

I honestly don’t think I would have got a loan if it wasn’t for The Personal Finance Centre. I’d tried myself a few weeks before and been unsuccessful. A few minutes after applying online with The Personal Finance Centre and they rang me, took all my details, rang me the next day with an offer. Within a couple of weeks, I’d got my loan. They kept in regular contact throughout the process and took the stress out of it for me. Would definitely use them again.

Michelle Duggins
December 2019

James and Paul ensured the process of getting the loan I needed was entirely stress-free. They moved quickly and kept in touch with me so I knew exactly what was happening. They sourced a really good deal for me and saved me about £800 per month in repayments. I am really grateful to them for the courteous and efficient service.

Isabelle Fenton
January 2020

Excellent customer care and kept me updated at all times.

February 2020

Every phone call, email and text was friendly and informative. I was really nervous about making this decision but it’s the best thing I’ve done to sort our finances. All staff I spoke with were lovely! Really helpful along the way.

It was a smooth process and quick!

Thank you to all involved in our case.

February 2020

Heard this advert on radio and thought “it can’t do any harm to ask the question” ‘can you help me?’ And they did help me, sorted me right out, a very well done to all at Tpfc, you have changed my life

Pete Jeffery
March 2020

Fantastic company, completely on the ball. Constant communication and updates, makes a very difficult time very easy. Would definitely recommend.

Joe Preece
March 2020

These guys did all the right things for me. They listened, they were very responsive, they got me the solution I needed.

April 2020

Excellent service. Advisors all very helpful. All information explained in full.

Claire Mcghee
June 2020

Highly recommend this company. Very helpful and professional service and company. Worked with me every step of the way and nothing was too much trouble. Explained everything and treated me with respect and courtesy. Team members Cameron Davies and David Vine a huge thank you for all that you did.

Elaine Marshallsay
July 2020

Professional from start to finish. Pleasant and friendly staff to deal with. Informative communications throughout the process. Highly recommend the service provided by The Personal Finance Centre

August 2020

I had a great experience with the personal finance centre, they were very professional, honest and helped me throughout the process. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a loan.

Rupal Shah
September 2020

The staff at this company are so helpful listening to all your needs and situations we all face in life with finances, then doing their best finding you the best help they can to put you in a better financial situation for the future.

Thank you Paul and James

Ian C
September 2020

Daniel and Cameron did a very good job! They are both very helpful until the end. They make sure that we understand everything, they follow up and keep in touch with us regularly until before, during and after the completion date. We trusted them to do most of the things we needed during the process.

Thank you Personal Finance Team! Highly recommended! God Bless and Stay Safe everyone.

Susan Constancia L Baladad
September 2020

Daniel and Cameron did a very good job! They are both very helpful until the end. They make sure that we understand everything, they follow up and keep in touch with us regularly until before, during and after the completion date. We trusted them to do most of the things we needed during the process.

Thank you Personal Finance Team! Highly recommended! God Bless and Stay Safe everyone.

Susan Constancia L Baladad
September 2020

Excellent service. Kept well informed by James and Paul at every stage. No hassle!! Thank-you guys

Tracy Dennehy Johnstone
October 2020

All the staff i dealt with at the personal finance centre were easy to talk to, very helpful and patient while i got all the paperwork they needed sorted. I would recommend to anyone looking for finance to try these.

Danny Baxter
October 2020

Provided an efficient service throughout the long journey to get the right loan in place, approved and paid. The insistence on making payments to clear credit cards by cheques was inconvenient and old fashioned. Getting payment by bank transfer required too much information.
The product recommendation was clear, explained in full in understandable detail and without much missing, the omission being the difficulty to be experienced getting bank transfer payments approved.
The loans product itself was competitive and from a provider we would have been using if the product was available directly but in hindsight the broker provision was useful to keep the application on track and the support service was good

November 2020

Made the whole process easy and stress free,kept us informed every step of the way. Discussed the best affordable options for our needs ,would definitely recommend their services.

Nigel Hather
November 2020

My wife and I had struggled to pull ourselves out from the hold of tens of thousands in debt and credit from bad choices we made many years ago. As a result, our credit rating was through the floor due to defaults and we were in an extremely tight debt management plan that allowed us very little to live on month to month.

I came upon The Personal Finance Centre online when looking for a secured loan one day whilst day dreaming about how amazing it would be for our family.

Bearing in mind we’ve not been accepted for credit for years, I remained extremely sceptical and resolved to the fact that there wouldn’t be a lender out there that would be prepared to give us a chance in borrowing anything near the amount we had in debt and credit from years gone by.

Was I wrong to think this? I received a phone call within half an hour of logging an enquiry from James at The Personal Finance Centre, a lovely upbeat chap who took some details from me. At this stage I was quite dismissive but thought I’d give it a go. What did I have to lose?

Later that day and following the exchange of further financial details, James came back to me and said that he had a lender that was prepared to not only lend us what we needed in order to clear the debts, but would leave us with money left over in order to carry out some home improvements. Still sceptical, we entertained the application process and continued.

Whilst this required a lot of personal information from us, we were blown away when no more than a couple of weeks later our lives were changed beyond recognition (I really don’t say this lightly having been crippled with depression as a result of the bad money decisions we’d made in years gone by), when the loan had completed, the money was in our account, we’d left our debt management plan, and all of those debts had been paid off in full!

We are now left with a significantly lower (and more importantly ONE) monthly payment, and now have the freedom to properly save for the future and re-build our financial position; whilst living our lives from a place of much greater stability for our children.

For this, I can’t thank everyone at The Personal Finance Centre enough!

Despite the constant badgering from me calling most days (just to seek reassurance that this could actually happen to us) James and Paul were fantastic! Very understanding of our situation, reassuring and full of empathy for our financial position, and for the first time ever leaving us feeling free and positive about our future.

I’m so pleased we found The Personal Finance Centre.

I appreciate this is a very candid review, but I felt it appropriate to be open and honest about our experience of the process. And if it means that someone in a similar position to ours feels like we did and is encouraged to give them a call, then this review will have served it’s purpose!

If they can help a couple who felt that they could never break free from the financial bonds of creditors and complicated financial situations like ours, I’m more than confident that they can help you too!

I look forward to using The Personal Finance Centre again in the future. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into helping us!

Andy Rose
December 2020

Nothing was too much trouble, helped us all the way through the process, Paul was very friendly and kept us updated at all times.

Would recommend them.

From Debbie & Steve

Debbie Hooker
December 2020

Simple and straightforward service. would definitely recommend! Easy to understand independent advice. Decent product sourced to fit my current circumstances.

Amy Cipriano
January 2021

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