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In these times of major upheaval and uncertainty we at TPFC want to help our clients.

Therefore we have devised a number of letters for you to send to your creditors asking for assistance.

All creditors face challenges enforcing their debts in this time of flux with the courts not functioning in the ordinary way. However, you can still face risks to your credit rating and could even lose the service or goods you owe money for. Our general advice is to communicate and negotiate. This moment will pass (eventually) and your debts will remain legally enforceable in the future. For Mortgages many companies are offering “payment holidays” and you can contact them directly about this.

Here are the links to the sample letter you may download and use to communicate with those whom you have outstanding balances:

Letter To Lender

Letter To Landlord

Letter To Creditors

If the letters above do not quite suit your circumstances then further letters and resources can be found via Citizens Advice or National Debt Line

Here is a link The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who are proposing temporary financial relief for customers impacted by coronavirus.


If are in a position where you do not need to take advantage of the above but would like to make savings by consolidating your current credit click the link below for a free no obligation quote and our experts will offer free advice. To apply now, click here

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